Mauritius is an African insular country located in the Mascarene Archipelago in the Indian Ocean. It is a volcanic island with a very humid climate and a fairly extensive forestation. However, most of the natural flora was destroyed and replaced by sugar cane fields, which is the second foundation of the economy after tourism.

Country gained its independence only in 1968. Till that time it had been under the influence of Dutch, then French, and finally English settlers. Colonization caused that the island is inhabited by such nations as Hindus, Creole and Europeans. The population speaks English, French and very often Creole language, which is a mixture of French and Indian languages. Today it is one of the few democratic African countries, where electoral and human rights are respected. Apart from cane crop, from which rum is produced on a mass scale, there are also pineapple plantations.


Mauritius is a place where dreams come true for every tourist who wants to see the heavenly blue lagoons, colorful reefs and lush tropical forests. On the island, there is a possible to find places that are not so much affected by the hand of civilization. Such place are for example Machabee reserve, where you can meet rare flowers and trees, or a very spectacular Park Chamarel, where the embankment formed from volcanic sand sparkle with many colors. Also small towns and villages such as entre de Flacq are very charming. You can enjoy street trading there, and the colorful market stalls and bazaars show a remarkable cultural diversity of this country.

July 2012