Dominican Republic

If you are dreaming of a tropical climate, green palm trees, relaxation on the warm sand and refreshment in the azure blue water, you have to go to Dominican Republic. There is everything what is needed to have "heaven on earth".

Dominican Republic is the second largest, after Cuba, country in the Caribbean Sea. It covers 48 730 km ¬?, which is 2/3 of the total area of ¬†Hispaniola Island, on which it is located. The rest of the island belongs to the State of Haiti. The country was discovered by Christopher Columbus, during his great marine expeditions. The capital of Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo de Guzmn. It was established by Christopher Columbus's brother, Bartolomeo in August 4, 1496 year. This was the first European place in the New World.

The main attraction of Santo Domingo are well-preserved remains of colonial settlement. This is undoubtedly a must-see for every tourist. Despite the turbulent history of the colonial district of Santo Domingo, temporary drains and tide of settlers and war damage, all remains have been restored to celebrate the 500 - anniversary of the discovery of America. According to the tourists an impressive building is the Alczar - the palace, which for 60 years remained the residence of the king of Diego Columbus. The palace was built in 1509. Casa de Cordon - the building located near the castle is also worth seeing. It was constructed at the same time as the Palace, and it is considered the first stone building in the western hemisphere. In the vicinity of these places you can see the beautifully preserved Cathedral of Santa Mar ~ a la Menor, built in the years 1514-1540. This was the main place of celebration of the discovery of America in 1992. Because of this event, the special building called the Lantern of Columbus was built there. Its laser light can be visible from a far distance, it makes the luminous cross on the sky, which is intended to commemorate and inspire a moment of reflection after the great explorer.

Staying in this beautiful and picturesque country offers us all the entertainment characteristic for the Caribbean. We can enjoy the beautiful beaches, dive in search of treasures to coral reefs and walk through the beautifully flowered paths. Supporters of windsurfing will have the opportunity to try their hand in the place deemed to be the best in the world for this kind of sport. Hot and sleepy days cause that it is the night when life begins.

Dominican Republic

There is no shortage in the Dominican Republic widely developed tourist centers, especially Punta Cana and Puerto Plata, since the country's economy is largely based on tourism. Every year thousands of tourists come here, fascinated with the diversity of this country. Great event are  merengue festivals, which are reverently celebrated. This is the festival of the national dance, which  the steps are well known even to the smallest children. The biggest festival is celebrated in late July and August. It is an unforgettable event, which impresses a man for a long time with its variety of colors, sounds, and a genuine love for dance.

July 2012