The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are an archipelago of mountainous islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean, to the west of the coast of Africa. They belong to Spain and they are about 1000 km away from it. The Canary Islands are composed of seven main islands, including Tenerife and Gran Canaria (picture below) and six smaller, mostly uninhabited islands. The climate is subtropical oceanic, temperature is moderate, sparse and irregular rainfalls.

Beautiful beaches, volcanic landscapes, variety and perfect climate which is favorable for year-long recreation , are the features of the Canary Islands which attract visitors from all around the world.

Nature does not spare the islands beautiful places, therefore there are a lot of places worth visiting. In Tenerife there is the highest peak in Spain - Mount Teide (picture below), where thanks to the wonderful views such movies as for example "Star Wars" were made there. The puzzling part of the island, which is worth seeing, is Guimar, the town famous for its pyramids similar to those in Egypt.

Next place which should be seen is Loro Park, zoo and botanical park with training dolphins shows and other amazing attractions. Pilgrims can visit Candelaria, in turn, for fans of the beautiful beaches Playa de las Teresitas will be a perfect choice.

The Canary Islands

On the Gran Canaria island there are some famous cities such as Maspalomas, with its dune ecosystem and Puerto Rico with its artificial beach created in the 60s. Painted Cave Gldar, and Valern Monastery in Santa Mar?a de Gu?a are also a must see.

Each island in  the Canary Islands is unique, La Palma impresses with its lunar landscape, Hierro looks like a seashell, Tenerife is pitch-black, and Gomera dazzles with forests. No wonder that the tourist season lasts there all year round.

July 2012